Our mission is to create a better world by embracing a more meditative way of living. To achieve this, we actively support various global initiatives that promote this worldview. Together, we aim to cultivate a world where this transformative practice becomes ingrained in the fabric of society, accessible to all.

Vipassana Foundation

Vipassana, an ancient Indian meditation technique that unveils the truth of reality. Over 2500 years ago, Gotama Buddha rediscovered this powerful practice, offering it as a universal remedy for the challenges that afflict humanity. Regardless of your religious beliefs or background, Vipassana embraces all, seeking to eliminate mental impurities and unlock the profound joy of liberation.

Unlike commercial endeavors, our courses are provided freely. Our dedicated teachers receive no material compensation for their instruction. We don’t charge any fees, not even for food and accommodation. The expenses are entirely covered by generous donations from individuals who have personally benefited from Vipassana and wish to extend the same opportunity to others.

We would like to contribute to a world where taking something like a Vipassana course is an experience that would be a custom to the whole world.