We believe that a meditative lifestyle extends beyond the traditional image of sitting in stillness. Through our brand, we aim to inspire people to explore meditation in new and unique ways by offering fashion that incorporates the practice into everyday life.

Our collection is designed to empower individuals to wear their intentions proudly and inspire conversations that reach far beyond the borders of the street.


As a child, Allan™ (1986, Utrecht) would sometimes lay and stare at the ceiling for an hour, very consciously, and then he would try to bring out what he felt. He wanted to know what bothered him and what his feelings were trying to tell him.

Allan™ had no idea what he was doing, but it worked. And it shaped him into someone who knew himself and was not easily influenced by others.

But it was difficult for Allan™ when he didn’t know what he was doing. He lacked stability and kept himself from his own path. Programming that wasn’t his own determined important choices for him.

However, when Allan™ learned to make choices from meditation, he made choices for life that he stood behind because they aligned with who he was at his core. He felt the power of making space for his higher self.

Later on, Allan™ learned how to meditate using the Vipassana technique in a course. He realized what meditation could do. It was free, it could be done anywhere, and if you’re committed, you are rewarded with love, bliss, infatuation with life, and harmony. Allan™ wanted to share this realization with others, that bliss was not far away but inside of them.

Allan™ believed that whatever form it may take, one could build on the foundation. A brick a day is the slogan of BASHMADE™, Allan’s™ brand. He aims to promote a meditative lifestyle in all forms, whether one is sitting still, surfing on a board, creating art, running, or struggling in the dojo. When you do what you love and fully immerse yourself in it, you become one with your highest self, and that is meditation.

Every piece of clothing and all the art from BASHMADE™ comes from Allan’s™ consciousness and intention for more harmony. His designs, screen printing, and even choices for sustainable fabrics and dyes are intended to promote more harmony into this world.

In this time of so many distractions, Allan™ believes it is more important than ever to tune in to oneself, find peace and authentic joy, and become a master in it. That is the highest achievement and the best gift one can give to others.