There’s more to life than this capitalists run society might portray. We are showing the world what that consists of. In an uplifting, artistic and sustainable way.

With BASHMADE™, we want to take back the fast fashion saturated walls, streets and cities. We want to see uplifting symbols everywhere and remind everyone that we’re born to rise up to our highest potential. As our highest selves, we can take better care of ourselves, our communities and this earthship.

Are you up for it?



Its founder Allan™ (1986, Utrecht) created BASHMADE™ after an unstoppable inner longing to create a clothing brand that put spirituality and sustainability as a base. Coming up in western culture where self destructiveness, celebrity culture and consumerism is praised. And where the spiritual path of universal love and healing is frowned upon. Allan™ was missing a narrative. That’s why he wanted to fill this gap and tell uplifting stories from his own perspective.