About This Project


Bash is a modern reincarnation of an ancient ape god. It all began when a warrior in the Far East chose Bash as his sidekick. Together they travelled the world, and because Bash was able to fly through the sky, the warrior would always sit on his back. The two would descend at places where people needed hope, dark ghetto dungeons in despair. They would stop at each abode and bless its residents.


One day, they stood at the doorstep of a seemingly ordinary house. Upon opening the door, the warrior’s eyes were instantly locked, his heart bounced. This was the beginning of a love story, but one that was brutally put to an end when evil gods kidnapped wifey. As you might expect, it was the mighty Bash who freed her and safely brought her back to her man.


When the girl asked Bash why he devoted his life to the wellbeing of others, putting his own life at stake, he answered: it’s about what we leave behind in this lifetime, to make the world a better place. Those words and deeds are bash’ legacy – that’s what made him immortal.
Feel inspired to be like Bash. Live by the virtue of immortality. Leave your mark – belongings, stories, writings, wisdom, art – for the next generation and the planet will be a better place. Whatever comes from your artistry is your legacy.