About This Project

Legend has it, many lifetimes ago a, there was a devoted meditator named Moon of Wisdom Momma, or just Moon. She was woke and serious and she aspired to become a Buddha herself. Once the wrong men heard about her ambition, she was told her she couldn’t become a Buddha because she was a woman.


She slayed right away, saying the words “There is no man, there is no woman, no self, no person, and no consciousness. Labeling male or female has no essence but deceives the evil-minded world.” G as she was, she added she would devote her life to becoming the very first Buddha to protect all female beings on earth.


Once she accomplished full enlightenment she became known as the Tara, the liberator. In this hot piece of fabric you will feel the power to look out for each being as a mother over her only child. Tara will help you to act in many colours, sometimes peaceful, sometimes fierce, but always real.