About This Project


The plant goddess Mary-Jane has become notorious among earthlings. Many have worshipped her, but unfortunately many have spit on her as well. Today she’s still celebrated and cursed at the same time.


In the plant kingdom, Mary-Jane has a different position. She’s the queen of all plants, a healer with the capacity to cure endless physical and mental illnesses. Sadly, the healing force of the plant has been degraded and forgotten in many societies, or even worse, criminalised.


The Smokers Club unites herbalists, people around the world who recognise the true power of cannabis and respect her. Mary-Jane has angelic powers, she’s not meant to be burned for the mere pleasure of having a laugh. She’s a sacrament with superpowers.


Responsible herb crumblers know she will manifest those superpowers upon consuming. The fictional club celebrates all those who treat mother marihuana with respect, and every smoker who grew wings as a result of their heightened awareness and sensitivity through the sacred herb.