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Once upon a time, in an unknown valley somewhere in the West, a cat single-handedly shook up the whole society. Far from ordinary, this cat was known for his wild and ruthless nature. Among local contemporaries, he counted as one of the most notorious goons of his time.The fact that he supposedly ran a mob of stray cats for a decade plays a huge part in that perception. These hairy creatures were feared and hated, they reeked and acted fishy. The only spirits they worshipped were liquors.


One day, in the heat of one of the many gang fights, everything changed. The cat lost his main capo, his majesty, in a bloody sword dispute with a rival gang. The act caught him in a downward spiral, and soon he became sick with life and chose to lay low for a while. The transformation came the day the earth suddenly shook so hard, everything turned upside down. The cat found himself in front of a building, and upon entering he came to understand the significance of the place. This was holy ground, a magical site. Here, the cat started to look inwards, and slowly the light of life started to rekindle again.


A new cat was born. He found peace and he started to shift his energy. The cat founded a new gang, aiming to spread a positive message and unify all gangs. He named his new gang: the Namaste Clan. His fists – once the signature of fighting – became symbols of gratitude and respect. Soon, he became iconic for the Namaste mudra. And still, this clan was not one to fuck with.


After spreading positivity and love across the Western hemisphere, the cat went on a journey towards the Far East and found a place to settle down between the pine trees on an island called Bali. No one knows if the Namaste cat is still alive, but his legacy resonates throughout the universe.