All the collections by bangladash® and their story. Wear it like a shield and live your
own story. Which one of our originals suits you best?

Tara Collection

The Tara collection was the first in the bangladash® original. A symbolic design with a powerful message that motivates you through life.


Chiefin Collection

The Chiefin collection is a favourite in our fam. For those who supports nature in all of her glory.


Namaste Collection

Inspired by a classic gang story about the power to turn
things around for the better.
The Namaste collection brings tranquility worldwide.


Ganesha Collection

The Ganesha collection honours new beginnings. Don’t sleep on this one.



Zen Collection

Inspired by the spirit of true masters, the Zen collection™ is bound to resonate on deeper levels than your average wardrobe.



Bash Collection

Before we turned this design into a collection, we spread it on walls all throughout town. BASH became our main icon and a symbol for conscious street culture worldwide.


‘The man who has no imagination has no wings’.

Muhammad Ali