The Origins: Uncovering Inner Peace
It all started with a simple idea – to harness the power of creativity and mindfulness to bring about positive change. The BASHMADE Meditation Team (a.k.a. BMT) was formed by a group of meditators who believed that street art could be a powerful tool to trigger a deeper sense of awareness and presence in people’s lives. Their mission was to spread this message to every corner of the world, one poster at a time.

The Art of Awakening
Through the Born to Rise campaign, BMT aims to ignite a global movement that awakens and enlightens souls through the language of art. Each poster, each sticker,  each piece of art, carries a sacred message – a divine invitation for individuals to embrace a more meditative way of life.

Taking Over the Streets
The Born to Rise campaign takes to the streets, transforming once-seen spaces into vibrant expressions of mindfulness and self-discovery. From towering city walls to hidden alleys, all of our supporters are, turning each location into a sanctuary of inner peace and reflection.

Join the Revolution
Be a part of the Born to Rise campaign and join the Team in our mission to trigger a global awakening. Together, we can spread the power of street art, ignite conversations about mindfulness, and inspire people worldwide to live more meditative and conscious lives.

Together, let’s rise above the noise of the world and embark on a journey of self-discovery, as we awaken minds, transcend boundaries, and ignite a revolution of mindfulness and authenticity. Born to Rise – where street art meets inner and outer -peace.